Introducing….. Marty!!!!

A warm welcome to a new member of the Servant Ceramics’ team…


Meet Marty, our MailChimp. He will be responsible to getting our {STUDIO MATES} newsletter out to all the wonderful studio mates.

“Ummm, Rachel… who exactly is a studio mate?”

Excellent question internal blog monologue!

But before I answer that, maybe I should explain that I have decided that having a semi-regular newsletter – filled with product sneak peaks, holiday specials and other updates could be a bit more exclusive and special than a blog post.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really been enjoying the interactions here on the blog but I realise that some people would prefer to stay connected with Servant Ceramics without receiving every blog post I make.

In deciding what to call the newsletter, {STUDIO MATES} popped out as a clear winner. For me, I want the newsletter to be something that draws you into the studio space, to see the product and connect with what’s going on there. I’ve got it in my head that the newsletter will be the next best thing to dropping into the studio – you’ll hear about the wins and about the difficulties I’ve been facing as a ceramic maker. And eventually, I want to treat my studio mates with special offers and pre-releases.

So if that sounds like something worth dropping in for, please click the link {here} and enter the virtual door to become a {STUDIO MATE}.

The very first newsletter will go out in two days time so you’ve got a 48hour window to become one of the first {STUDIO MATES}.

Thanks again for supporting me on this adventure, I really appreciate the encouragement and support you show by reading the blog and engaging with me here.

Big smiles, Rachel.

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