The Big Bazaar wrap-up

What a BIG day!

S||C Big Bazzar 2013_market setup_a
How our stall started…

Saturday, 21st of September finally arrived and its been an epic day.

Rising in the dark, driving as nature’s curtains rose to reveal a clear blue sky and setting up in the cool comfort of a school hall, the morning hours disappeared. Before we knew it it was 10 to 9 and we were actually set up. Ready and raring to go!

S||C Big Bazzar 2013_market setup_f
Our combined stall – Reborn Handmade & Servant Ceramics.

Having Renae from Reborn Handmade alongside for the market was brilliant. Not having many markets under our belts, it was so special to share the day with this talented lady. And fortunately, we still like each other (phew!!).

The best thing we did was a stall mock-up on Thursday arvo. It took the pressure of the setup on the day and gave us the opportunity to plugs gaps and holes in our preparation a day in advance.

Personally, the day exceeded my expectations. Maybe I just over-underestimated (does that make sense?!) how the day would go but here’s three stats:

Expected sale transactions: Double what I estimated.

Known to random sales (by this I mean, friends/family/return customer sales compared to new, unknown customers): 1 : 2 (ie: for every sale I made to a known customer, I enjoyed meeting 2 brand new customers)

Complements about our flower arrangement to complements about my range: Dead even! Feels rather good that I can come close to creating things as beautiful as the Gardener 😉

Servant Ceramics' signature altered beakers  and one of our flower arrangements
Servant Ceramics’ signature altered beakers and one of our flower arrangements

Thanks to all the special people who chose to buy a unique, handmade item today!
Thank you to those who encouraged us by complementing our stall and range.
Thank you to the new all our new friends; both online ( hello facebook and instagram) and those ‘offline’ with their actual smiles, chats and hugs.

I’m beaming, just thinking about all the wonderful people I met today.

Not to mention that we were able to raise some money for QLD’s Motor Neurone Disease Association. The organisers for the market were top-notch with great communication and approachability.

I hope you all had as good of a Saturday as I did. I think I’ll read a few mudcolony blogs before going to bed. Before 7.30pm. Oh bliss, hehe!

8 thoughts on “The Big Bazaar wrap-up

    1. We had a bit of a magical moment when we were doing a mock setup on Thursday… seeing our items together was just like *woah, this actually works* haha. Thanks Anna 🙂

  1. YEEP!!! It’s perfect Rach! So, so proud of you!! Your work is so polished, together and comprehensive of your style. And The gorgeous items from Reborn are the perfect material compliment to your work. Did you collaborate on packaging?? I’m so pleased that your work translated into sales. Proud! xxx

    1. It’s been a great experience and yes, we collaborated on packaging together. Thank goodness we had a similar vision – made life so much easier! Thanks big sister 😀

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