Smile, its camera time!

Generally speaking, I quite enjoy taking photos…

… just ask my mates how annoying I can be with a camera. There are thousands of happy snaps that documented my uni residence days and nights. And probably a good hundred photos of my friends with that ‘no. not another photo Rachel. serious. turn that camera off’ expression.

But product photography. That’s another ball game all together!

Thank goodness we had a photography unit included in Holmesglen’s TAFE diploma. Our lecturer Andy was great – he guided us, critiquing our photos and showing us all the super sneaky photoshop tricks. It wasn’t an easy subject, but if you put in the effort, you started to understand a smidge of what it takes to get a half-decent photo of ceramic wares.

 Last week, Lori (from Future Relics) posted about her DIY photo booth set up:


And if we’re talking about photo booth setups, Emily Murphy‘s is up there with the best of them:

photobooth setup, emily murphy

One day, I’m telling myself. Maybe one day I’ll get there.

Reality, on the other hand is slightly more, shall I dare say, underwhelming. Or, if we’re seeing the glass half full… inventive!

Just don’t judge me too harshly – especially with the behind the scenes photo. After photographing a vessel, I tended just to put it to the side and get the next one in as soon as possible. Note: That leads to a nice encircling of wares around the booth aka: a ‘fun’ ceramic maze to climb out from.

 I figure, I’m not a professional photographer so I don’t have to feel too shamed by my set up right? I’m just happy to have been given a little bit of knowledge to work with. I used white foam sheets to reflect the light back on the wares plus baking paper to act as a diffuser over the lights. Quite often, the overhead light was all I needed but at times I did require the other lights as well.

After searching through etsy and pinterest for photographic inspiration, I quickly realised that I was strongly attracted to images with wood or material over the traditional backdrop. That could just have been subconscious as I don’t actually own a graduated background. But I do own material and I picked up some scrapbooking paper that I thought might work as the background.

Here’s a trio of photos that I have edited so far…

So, in your opinion, did my DIY photo booth do a decent job?

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