Add this equation up…

1 bisque firing = 5 days of glazing = 2 stoneware firings = the realisation I need new studio shoes and a rubber mat (more on the mat later).

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As you can see, its been a great week.

Product is coming out of the kiln and I’ve been bursting with thankfulness.
My second glaze firing for the week is cooling down now as I type and I simply can’t wait to see the results later today.

My body has been feeling the hard work this week. Especially my feet.
When glazing, I wear these super old converse shoes. They’re way too broken, with too many holes in their sides to be considered regular shoes so of course, they get relegated to studio shoes. But after the numerous complaints my feet voiced this past week, its time for them to go. It’ll be a bittersweet farewell to say goodbye to them; we started ceramics together you see – I was wearing them the first time I ever threw clay on a wheel.

As for the rubber mat, I was watching an Adam Field throwing video (pinned here: click) and he spoke of the benefits he’s seen when working with a rubber mat under foot. Its not the first time I’ve heard this tip but it is the first time I’m seriously considering testing it out.

This job is physically demanding and considering how much I love creating with clay, I best do all I can to make sure that its not out of carelessness, ignorance, fear or procrastination that I harm/injury myself. Yup, the shoes are heading out but I’ll definitely post up a photo of these beloved items when it comes to the final goodbyes.

As for this week, it’ll be big!

Big Bazaar banner

I’ve got the Big Bazaar this Saturday and have much still to organise. So happy to sharing the day with Renae from Reborn Handmade – we’re gonna be stall buddies!

And talking about buddies, I’m off to read about the weekly going-ons of my clay buddies in Mud Colony.

Enjoy this wonderful Sunday 🙂