Like getting a call into work on your day off….

… this is just as unwanted!

Cracked platter Discovered this crack as I unloaded the kiln.
I must of been too heavy handed when placing beakers onto the platter during when stacking the kiln or perhaps a small air bubble in the slab? That would explain why the platter was still intact but cracked…? Any thoughts potter people?

Its not all doom and gloom in the studio, I’ve been busy mixing up new glazes!

Mixing up glaze, potters brew
I just added the dry ingredients to the wet – look at the bubbles!

As well as printing off a new round of business cards

S||C Business Cards Sept 2013

I’m also pumping through some paperwork and more behind the scenes things – working on the online store, applying for paypal here, getting used to my customer database and sorting out a mailing list!!

Its all systems go here at Servant Ceramics 🙂