Teapot lids – How I make them

One of my favourite things to throw are teapot lids. 

That might be a little strange to read but its true, I really enjoy throwing teapot lids.

Like with all throwing, strength and delicacy dance together as you push, pull and shape a teapot lid.

The stem (knob) can significantly alter the teapot’s overall aesthetic and there are sooooo many ways of making lids – I just thought I’d share my process.

These lids are quite traditional and they drop into the teapot’s gallery.
I throw them upside down to begin with and then once they’ve dried out a little, I flip them over to turn and attach the stem.

When first throwing the lid, you need to pay special attention to the maximum width of the gallery as well as the gallery’s drop in space.

Later on, I’ll stamp the surface of the lid, cut a hole (for steam release) and add a small flange to help the lid stay in when pouring.

But there we go – a little insight into how the teapots get made 🙂