And they are out!

“Freedom!” the pots exclaimed! 

As with any glaze firing, cracking open the kiln door reveals whether the hours of work previously result in glorious squeals of joy or a heavy Potter’s heart.

Fortunately – the door opened to reveal more of the former rather than the later! HUZZAH!!

S||C Aug 28th_Kiln E
The full spread

My coloured tests fired great and there are a few pieces I’m quite taken with. A few of the stamped beakers that were on the top shelve don’t seem as clear as those closer to the bottom (thicker glaze application could be the issue) and I did have a couple beakers that cracked on me so it wasn’t a perfect firing but pretty close 🙂

As keen as I was to get these items out of the kiln, I’m now even more excited to get another load in and really perfect that firing schedule. I know I’ve got to pay more attention to the small details (especially when it comes to applying the oxides on the stamps) and not wacking vessels on kiln shelves as I stack – I may have cracked two beakers doing that * facepalm *

Well that was my Weds – hope yours was as excitable as mine 🙂