Stacked and packed!

The kiln is good to go again!!! 

S||C Glazing Aug 25 2013_a
Fresh out of the bisque kiln

Love opening up a kiln – the expectation, the thrill, the nerves.
And the bisque went without a hitch!

S||C Glazing Aug 25 2013_b
Glazing time!

It was such a beautiful day to be glazing. There was a slight breeze to counter the warm winter sun as it danced across a cloudless sky. Even the pots enjoyed their time outside!

S||C Glazing Aug 25 2013_c
Sunbaking aint just for the humans

I was so excited to have the glazing done that I forgot to take a photo of it. Ha! That tells you how overcome I was 😛

I’m make it up to you though – with LOTS of final finished products 😉

Otherwise, I had a great weekend visiting BrisStyle’s Twilight Markets with Andrew on Friday Night…

Brisstyle Twilight Market Aug 23 2013
BrisStyle Twilight Market

…as well as West End Twilight Markets on Saturday with Melinda!

WestEnd Twilight Markets Aug 24 2013
West End Twilight Markets

I now have two new sets of handmade earrings, some very cute cards as well as an adorable ring.

The ring was so cute that I have to show you it straight away…

I ‘mustache’ you – which element of market dinner do you think I enjoyed the most?

Mmmm, honeypuffs are amazing!

All in all, its been a fantastic weekend and I’m looking forward to a productive week ahead. Just before this weekend is over, I’m going to head over to MudColony to check out what’s been happening with everyone there!
Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  1. Pots looking good there Rachel – can’t wait to see the pics post glaze firing! Suse x

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