2013 Open Studio Ceramics Australia Showcase weekend!!

Do you love those ‘behind the scenes’ specials?
If so, OSCAS weekend is right up your alley!

OSCAS weekend 2013, taca open studios


Across the country this very weekend (Aug 17th & 18th), potters, ceramic artists, mud workers and clay slingers are opening their studios to show the Australian public the who, what, where, how and why behind their practice!

I have to admit that I’m a snooper. I love seeing ‘behind the veil’ and visiting studios is one of my favourite things to do. Seeing how people make art – their studio setups, their tools, the art on their walls, the clay on the floor (granted, I reckon most artists will have vaccumed and mopped for this weekend), the bags of clay out the back or under the table just feeds my appreciation of their final pieces. Its special you know.

More than 100 members of The Australian Ceramics Association are opening their workshop doors to share their creativity with the community and I’ve already snuck into the wonderful Stephanie Outridge Field’s space in Clayfield, QLD.

OSCAS weekend_2013_ SOF flyer

With a lovely open plan workshop (with excellent lighting – so jealous haha), I was able to see the artist hard at work on a commissioned tile project.

OSCAS weekend_2013_ SOF

Stephanie was not only showcasing her current commissioned pieces, but upcoming work for her Sydney exhibition later this year too.

With opportunities to understand Stephanie’s processes, she was also encouraging people to play with clay themselves! Stephanie shared that one young boy was mesmerised for a couple hours as he made and decorated tiles – ah, hello future clay worker 😉

OSCAS weekend_2013_ SOF_setup

I loved how Stephanie thoughtfully detailed the entire ceramic process – the designing, making,  decorating, drying, glazing and firing – throughout her studio space, even displaying the work of other potters to show variety of, and appreciation for, the broad spectrum of ceramic work.

I’ve got a few more studios that I’m hoping to get out to tomorrow and I simply can’t wait!
I’m also looking forward to the MudColony blogsters posting up tales of their #OSCAS experiences and sharing the studio insights!

And if you have Sunday arvo free, you won’t regret visiting your local ceramic artists. Hit up the Australian Ceramics site to find artists near you!

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  1. Ohh, we dropped into see Stephanie yesterday too! She was wonderful to talk to, so much so that I didn’t have time to take photos. Thanks for your article, can’t wait to see what studio’s you get to today 🙂 Please keep us posted.

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