The BIG reveal… Part Two

You told me you wanted to know what our big secret is for Sept 21st… 

…and with special thanks to Pie, Greg and Yvette, I can reveal this exciting news with this picture…

Big Bazaar banner crop_a

Did that help?

Probably not what you were expecting right? Ok, well, what about this one?

Big Bazaar banner crop_b

Hehe… I’m being slightly cryptic aren’t I? And truth be told, I’m enjoying it 😉
But, I enjoy keeping my promises more.

So here’s the reveal!!! 

Big Bazaar banner

The Big Bazzar is an annual fundraiser for the Motor Neuron Disease Association of Queensland and Servant Ceramics is very proud to a stallholder at the Bazaar.

We’ll be setting up with lovely Renae from Reborn Handmade to share the laughs, heavy lifting and  change for $50 notes (hopefully).

Sept 21st is just the start my friends!

I’m really excited to share that the Bazaar is my motivator to finalise the ‘First Wave’ range of Servant Ceramics wares and come October, Servant Ceramics is intending to open the virtual doors to our online store front!

That’s a lot to take in right? Good thing I teased you a little bit right? 😛
Expect some development photos over the next month as I move forward and I can’t wait to share the highs and lows as Servant Ceramics grows up and out.

So… Was that what you expected?

6 thoughts on “The BIG reveal… Part Two

  1. Wow that’s fantastic, good on you Rae. Not what I was expecting, but then i don’t know what I was expecting anyway. Can’t wait to see your online store too.

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