Rachel Ann’s Baby Shower

Up, up and away – there’s a baby on the way! 

S||C Baby Shower Balloon Theme 3

I celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby boy Cheesman this weekend with the family. It was wonderful – an absolute joy to share the joy and excitement of Rachel Ann and Daniel.

Much of the party was planned while on cruising along the Murray River on the Cramer family houseboat trip a few weeks back (click).

S||C Baby Shower Balloon Theme 1
Main table with helium balloons, hot air balloons and cloud bunting
S||C Baby Shower Balloon Theme 2
Detail of the hot air balloons Rachel Esther made
S||C Baby Shower Balloon Theme 4
No wonder it is so hard to get the little ones eating – I only liked the strawberry and kiwi fruit flavour baby food!

We had a couple games – a pass the parcel, guess what traits the new parents would ideally like for baby to have (ie: who’s skin, hair, teeth) and Super Mum (hanging washing items on a line while holding the baby – an oversized stuffed animal). We also decorated some wooden blocks G-Pa cut and sanded. Nana Rose has now taken the blocks and will seal them for future play times.

Rachel Esther did a phenomenal job of theming the party – she made those amazing hot balloons which hung from the ceiling as well as the cloud bunting, invitations, food and name tags and this beautiful wall piece for baby’s room.

Rachel Ann's Baby Shower Aug 3 2013 6
(sorry about the bunting shadow) – these are fingerprint balloons from each woman in attendance

Now, you might be getting a bit confused by my use of ‘Rachel’ in this post and especially when I explain the Rachel sisters photo…..

Rachel Ann's Baby Shower Aug 3 2013 13
Rachel Louise, Rachel Esther, Rachel Ann, Rachel Maree

Okay, so I’m the one on the left (also known as Rae), Rachel Esther also married into the Cramer family, Rachel Ann is the original Rachel Cramer (who’s pregnancy we were celebrating) and she married Rachel Maree’s brother Daniel. Crystal clear? Many people don’t think so – here’s a diagram Rach Esther whipped up for her instagram peeps who were tad confused by the above photo…

The Rachels explained
Taken from: http://instagram.com/p/ci3Shup3bQ/

Thank goodness we all have different middle names!

Now, not only was I was super excited to make it down to Melbourne (big thank you to Steve and Rosemary for making it happen), I was thrilled to contribute a little bit of clay to the occasion as well.

The balloons will be very useful for the upcoming baby arrival  photos – just over 5 weeks to go until we meet baby Cheesman. He’s already my favourite nephew haha. My favourite niece and I had some fun times over the weekend too.

Despite how good the weekend was, coming home to Andrew was pretty awesome too. From the airport, we went to see ‘The World’s End’ which was pretty stupid (these guys did Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz after all) but there were a couple of really funny moments in it.

Now there’s lots of work to get into for Servant Ceramics and I’ve got at least one special announcement to make later in the week! The news isn’t that Servant Ceramics has joined instagram (find ‘servantceramics’ there) but that’s still pretty exciting right?

Have a joy filled start of the week!!

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  1. Love it. looks like you girls had a lovely weekend. And from what i hear you were wonderful with Eleanora. Thanks Rae you’re a great sister in law.

  2. Wow Rach! Thanks for your report of the momentous family event. I ALMOST feel like I was a fly on the wall. Delightful mixture of visuals and text. Love, Dad.

  3. Yes! I bought some paper lanterns and would love to cover them in a fancy fabric, but I have no idea how to cut the fabric to make it look like that!

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