My work in The Journal of Australian Ceramics

In the National Education Pictorial Survey, you can see work from Australia’s ceramic institutions – and on page 41, you’ll see a teaset I made while studying at Holmesglen TAFE!!

The journal of Australian Ceramics 522 July 2013 pg 40-41

I love that my work was pictured with Pie and Yuso – two ladies that I really enjoyed learning with and from, and who are tremendously talented artists (I didn’t have many classes with Susie but she’s pretty awesome too).

At the time, I was so ridiculously happy when I saw the final teaset result. I spent so much time developing the glaze – wanting it to break over the facetted surface, showing depth of colour and of course, getting the right blue.

Just creating a functional teapot is an achievement in itself (commonly understood as the pinnacle of wheel-throwing) and to combine it with this successful glaze was just a brilliant, empowering feeling for me.

Seeing it for the first time, I still remember the:

‘wow… oh WOW. OH WOW OH WOW – oh my gosh – WOW. That’s my teaset. WOW. Look at that blue. WOW.’

The instinct to dance rose up and happiness bubbles over and out in more of the ‘WOW… LOOK… I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’ vocalisations.

So its not a ‘pretty’ photo but this is one I took on my phone about 15 secs after seeing for the first time and shows more of the colour than the image in the journal…

S||C Royal Blue Teapot Set [old work]

That feeling of joy, satisfaction and disbelief for something coming out of the kiln, actually better than how you imagined the best outcome could possible be, can be a rare experience as a ceramic artist. But celebrating those times with other artists makes them seem more common.

And that’s probably what I’ve missed the most since leaving TAFE – the camaraderie and excitement of newly fired work – the stunning work , the ugly stuff …even the flashes of jealously when you deplore ‘why can’t mine come out as well as (insert name here).’ But, in the outside world, there are organisations to join, blogs to follow and images to pin which all help to fill the TAFE shaped hole.

Big thanks to Brett for pointing me towards the issue this month so that I could see the teaset 🙂

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  1. Love it Rae! And by the way that is a way better photo – you can see how amazing the glazework is. Great job! 🙂 I love reading your posts!

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