Exhibition || Vipoo Srivilasa

Vipoo Srivilasa’s  ‘How to Make a Million before Dinner’ @ Edwina Corlette Gallery


I made it just in time to see Vipoo’s fantastic exhibition (cough, the day before it closed, cough cough) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the small touches – the gold shoulder buttons on Networking, the textured flowers on Goals and the bouquet behind Peer Review’s back. I wish I had been at the opening as Vipoo apparently shared stories behind each work.

Following Vipoo on fb and seeing the various stages of the figurines’ process just heightened the experience of seeing the final works installed. The historical significance of white porcelaneous clay, classic cobalt pigment decoration and luxury of gold highlights reference a deep rooted ceramic aesthetic while engaging and showcasing modern culture (ie: social media icons adorn Networking) and questioning ‘what does it take to succeed?’

Vipoo is a very busy man with another show ‘Red Room’ opening at Maunsell Wickes, August 1st as well as residences in Canada and Japan later in the year and a SOLD OUT spooning workshop at Slow Clay, which again, would have been amazing to attend.

I also hit up Paper Boat Press‘s In My Hand exhibition opening on Friday night and will pop those photos up later this week 🙂

In case you’re interested, here is Vipoo’s website (click) and a link to the Edwina Corlette Gallery (click).