My 2013 Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award Adventure

In yesterday’s post (here), I promised to share my story about checking out the 2013 Manningham Award.

Getting out to the Manningham Art Gallery was high on my to-do list in our 24hr Melbourne stop-over two weeks ago. I was really keen to check out the entrants – especially Nandita Nadkarni – a fellow graduate last year. Before leaving Queensland, I researched how to get to the Gallery and felt confident about my route.

Heading there, I was feeling full and refreshed after a breaky catch-up with one of my best mates. We hit up a favourite breaky cafe, enjoying our old usual order (berry pancakes for her, eggs benedict for me + coffees) and treasuring rare face-to-face time.

As I walked through Manningham City Square’s sliding glass doors, I was thinking ‘How great is life?’ I see the gallery space and walk towards it. This door doesn’t open. And then I see it…

S||C - Manningham visit 2


S||C - Manningham visit

So close and yet, locked out.

Of what I could see… (these two are my best photos)

S||C - Manningham visit 3
Nandita Nadkarni’s bowls
S||C - Manningham visit 4
Chris Pittard’s entry

…I appreciated. So I didn’t get to see the whole award and I was pretty cheesed off. But at me, after all, the website makes it blatantly clear that the gallery isn’t open on Mondays. I just didn’t check that part of the site. But, given our timeframe, there was no way to see the award. In some ways then, by not checking the website, I saw so much  more that if I knew it was closed and didn’t go.

That was my adventure! Here’s hoping that I can see more at this Friday night’s ‘In My Hand’ exhibition opening at Paper Boat Press in Ashgrove.

If you were looking for a more photos of the entrants, check out Adriana Christianson’s post (here).

4 thoughts on “My 2013 Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award Adventure

  1. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !! Poor YOU Rachel !! I HAVE to say I really did LAUGH when I read this …sorry , boo !! Next time time your in sunny Melbs maybe we can catch up !!
    Im envious of your going to Paperboat Press’s exhibition.. that looks like a CRACKER !! Take LOTS of pics wont you ?
    AC 🙂

  2. Hi Rachel. Sorry to hear about your adventure to Manningham. Will send you a better photo of my work..

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