The Sustainable Marketplace – QAG discussion

The Queensland Art Gallery is hosting a special discussion panel on
The Sustainable Marketplace tomorrow night.

Queensland Art Gallery, QAG
Queensland Art Gallery

Kylie Johnson (Paper Boat Press), Tess Curran (Deputy Editor, Peppermint magazine) and Daniele Constance (co-founder, Suitcase Rummage) are on the panel and will be sharing how they’ve built their businesses and careers from sustainable art, craft and fashion.

I’m looking forward to the event as cultivating an ethical, sustainable and environmentally responsible ceramic art practice is very important to me as a maker, and I love hearing how other makers, designers and creators approach sustainability.

After an open shift at my part-time job, I think an afternoon power-nap might be required to make sure I can engage with the discussion 😛

Link to the QAG’s discussion page