Friday June 21st, you have completely taken me by surprise

You know when you’ve had a really good day? Well, I wanted to record today as it has been one of those days – an awesome, couldn’t have planned it better, kind of day. So what’s made it so great…?

Sleeping in // more specifically, sleeping in while light rain pats down on the rooftop

Rediscovering an old dress, hidden in the depths of the wardrobe

Getting a phone call from a best mate and arranging a catch-up next week

Attentive and genuinely friendly customer service

After preparing myself for a long and arduous wait at QLD Main Roads, I received my queue  ticket and was the very next ticket called! That has never happened to me before at a governmental department… and let’s be realistic, probably never will again, haha.

Decided on a whim to check in with Smith&Others at The Rabbit Hole. Found Matty C there as well as Lisa from Faun Photography! Enjoyed a belly warming hot chocolate and some heart warming and head inspiring conversations.

My new tights – bought with 30% discount – proved to be fantastically warm. Hello winter 2013 wardrobe favourite.

Arriving at Fortitude Valley Station and the train pulls up just as Lisa and I make it to the platform. What perfect timing.

With my newly transfered license, I was able to get a Brisbane City Library card. Finally I can borrow books again and trawl through all the expensive food and style magazines for inspiration ideas without the glaring death-eye looks newsagency attendants tend to give.

Randomly met my cousin at the local shopping centre, enjoyed a late lunch and catch-ups with him.

Later, as I was shopping for ingredients for tonight’s dinner (wholemeal mini pita pizzas with pesto, spinach, sweet potato and chicken), I see my favourite dessert (Pecan Danish) reduced in price. OH HAPPY DAY. And yes, I may of squealed and jumped a little in store.

Got home to an ebay package waiting on the door step. Woo-hoo.

Kicked off my boots, nestled my feet into my uggies, brewed some tea and cut a generous slice of pecan danish for afternoon tea using two of my favourite handmade objects from the last glaze firing.

 Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon tea with an episode from Big Bang… here’s a favourite moment from the show – Sheldon plays the bongos

Now, I’m looking forward to welcoming Andrew home, making dinner with him and enjoying the weekend!

Ah yes, Friday June 21st 2013, you have been awesome.