While my phone isn’t a smart phone…

Here’s an example of technology ‘combining’ with functional ceramic ware.

Miso iSoup, Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl

MisoSoupDesign is the design firm who are responsible for this vessel.
They dabble in architecture, furniture and sustainable design among other areas.

In the above article, I really resist this description:
‘…so the bowl curbs your appetite and your desire for company.’

I can’t stand the idea of any designed object, being intentionally created, to curb desire someone’s for company. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this but I’m all for active engagement with others. FB has made it oh so easy to be passively involved in the lives of family and friends.
You get the updates and tweets, see the instagram photos and it ‘feels’ like you know what’s happening for others.

But how many people do you actually share with?
Intentionally share with?
Go out of your way to contact?

Since moving from Melbourne to Brisbane earlier this year, there’s been lots of changes to get used to. This wasn’t my first big move – I actually grew up in QLD and moved to Melbourne, VIC in 2008.  With that move, myspace had been the king of social media and fb was starting to steal ground. I’ve experienced how relationships must be active to keep going. Every relationship is different though. What keeps one relationship active – say, contact once a week – can overwhelm another that is  maintained by contact once every 3 months.

My experience is this: Its not how often you engage, but how well you engage.

My enemy is passivity. I get lazy (and fb enables this laziness to be sure). I assume that if my friends have something to share, they’d contact me. I haven’t always got my butt into gear and actually treasured the people whom I truly cherish. It’s always easier to be friends with someone who wants to be your friend and who chooses to include you in their life but sometimes, its as simple as sending out a ‘Hi! How are you? It’s been a while… ‘
I received a email this weekend from a friend saying just that. It was wonderful.

With all that said, I’d like to encourage you to contact a friend this week.
Be active, take the first step of contact and hopefully, (re)connect with a loved one.

If you do try, I’d love to know! Leave a comment or send a email if you’d prefer 🙂

2 thoughts on “While my phone isn’t a smart phone…

  1. what a great post, those Miso pots are ridiculous!! How sad & funny at the same time !
    Hope you can connect with some good clay people up in BrisVegas – you certainly wont be missing the -1c this morning in Melbourne !!!

    1. Thanks Adriana. You’re right, I’m not missing the Melbourne cold 🙂
      Looking forward to getting to know the MudColony team as well as the Brissy scene too. Cheers!

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