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Look at all that raw material

raw glaze materials

Looks like a glazing test kind of weekend to me!
Got a couple line blends and quad blends all ready sorted out – I just needed the ingredients!
So what exactly will I be testing?
….Colour tests as well as a practical, functional satin glaze – that’s the quad blend.

I really loved my glazing class at TAFE. Our teacher Michael was amazing – so passionate, experienced, encouraging and yet so open to learning and discovering new things. He was inspiring!

Oh! And I just realised that I havent updated you about the glaze tests for a couple of weeks ago.

That won’t do! Here’s a couple of my favourites….

Servant Ceramics Teacup
Teacup with tissue paper transfer on base     
Servant Ceramics Teamug
I call this a teamug – small yet, wonderfully sized for herbal tea.
Has room for a bit more than a regular teacup.

 These tests told me a lot, especially about shrinkage as I was working with a new claybody. From what I can see, the clear glaze is a great fit for the body with no crazing or fluxing against/with the oxides or tissue paper transfers. Super happy with the results *insert happy dance*

Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for checking in with Servant Ceramics!!