While the internet is still down….

I’d like to make an official statement so it’s on the record…

No internet = greater productivity.

There I said it.

I suspected this was the case and this past week without internet has definitely confirmed it.
Since the interwebs went down last Thursday, Masterchef has come back on the telly so while that has been a distraction, I have been able to get some very pretty things made and use the new, official stamp quite a lot!

Have a look….

teapot, servant ceramics
Commissioned teapot
saucer, servant ceramics
Base of a saucer with the official stamp 🙂
saucer, servant ceramics
Rim of the saucer
teacup, servant ceramics
Commissioned teacup

I’m looking forward to completing this teaset with a platter and that’s the goal for the weekend!

It hasnt been all making with clay either… on tuesday, I made my first ever proper chicken stock (boiling up an actual chicken with veges), to make a very yummy ginger chicken and asian greens soup with fresh made knots rolls as well! Oh, the kitchen smelt magnificent all Tuesday long!
Here’s the super quick  photo of dinner…

servant ceramics, chicken soup, fresh bread
Ginger chicken and asian greens soup with fresh bread, served up on and in handmade vessels

Yum! That photo’s got me feeling really hungry haha. Thinking I’ll head home now… did I mention at the start that I was posting this from the local library – gotta love the Brisbane City Council’s free wifi connections.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love the internet to be returned at home but I’m thankful for this provision!

2 thoughts on “While the internet is still down….

  1. Love this post Rae and I can totally sympathise. I love the internet it’s so useful for my work and I so miss it when it’s down but man it can be a distraction. Your work is looking beautiful and I can almost smell that stock. looks gooooood!

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