You think it’s been a bad day?

As bad as this?

Somewhere in China, a man has difficulties with his scooter. Things start going awry top centre.Do watch to the end

Nothing that bad has been happening here at Servant Ceramics…
We’ve just been having internet issues.
Two hours of scheduled maintenance has turned into 120+hrs of interrupted service.
And counting! *insert sad faces here*

Thanks to hubby’s phone, we’re able to create a hotspot to connect our laptops which is kinda amazing when you think about it. He doesn’t have much of a data plan so we’ve been quiet on all social media fronts for the past few days.

Spent the weekend cleaning the studio and handbuilding some mugs.
Watched Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts film on Saturday night. I don’t remember why or when I downloaded it. We saw statements of : ‘Life isn’t how I expected it to be’ // ‘I don’t know how to be what I ‘should’ to be’ within the film and they are always intriguing to pull apart and discuss over.

I spent most of today refining the mugs and am enjoying their looseness and quirks.
I’ll spend some time with them tomorrow but have a teapot set on order and want to play with a couple of different, new shapes.

There are lots of photos that I’m looking forward to sharing once our internet is restored.
Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later!