First bisque firing

Drumroll please…

Introducing the very first Servant Ceramics bisque firing!!

Servant Ceramics, bisque, bisque firing

I measured out the kiln dimensions on my desk and tried arranging the vessels to give me an idea what would fit into the kiln. And surprisingly, everything (bar one really awful mug, which is now in the reclaim bucket, where it should have been put straight away) made it into this first bisque firing!
Talk about a perfect quantity.
I’m really looking forward to seeing how my handles came through – hoping there won’t be too many (if any) cracks in their joins. Oh, and the teapots. It has been over a year since I actually made a teapot… these two will show me how well I recalled the process. Plus, I was experimenting with a new clay body for the majority of these pieces so it’s a matter of playing around and finding out the specific strengths and weaknesses.

Servant Ceramics, bisque, bisque firingServant Ceramics, bisque, bisque firing

Hopefully, before Thursday rolls around, I will be pulling on the plastic gloves and glazing most of these items!!
I’ve been doing some glaze research and can’t wait to get testing up some new glazes as well as finalising the range. With this first kiln load, I was focusing more on what sizes I could confidently and quickly throw from different weights of clay, rather than on designing specific shapes and forms or throwing repetitively/consistently.

I’m hoping to work on product sketching and product prototyping, as well as having enough glazing for a small kiln firing come Friday. Those are the goals. Let’s see if I get them 🙂

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  1. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the final product. New glazes are always exciting to try out. Hope they come out looking very unique and special. Enjoy!

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