Praise of the handmade

Stoneware lights; Jane Sawyer; Adam Cornish; handmade; australian ceramics
‘Stoneware’ lights by Adam Cornish. Soon to be released through Corporate Culture, these LED pendant lights are individually hand thrown by potter Jane Sawyer.

From Cornish himself: “It’s hand thrown form could be moulded and slip cast in the thousands but it was the slight irregularities of making each one individually and by hand that really made the product stand out from the competition.”

My heart dances. I love a good bit of praise for handmade products! Especially Australian ceramic work!!

The actual article from d*hub shares how Australian design and manufacturing industries have changed and why many projects are now intentionally undertaken for niche markets and ‘small cottage industries.’ While landing that contract with the big international brands is still sought after by many Australian designers, the writer David Harrison highlights several who have found great satisfaction in working with local artisans and manufacturers. Personally, I love limited product runs. I like the honesty they have…mmmh, maybe honesty, isn’t the right word. Let me tease this out….

With a small run, I feel that the objects are authentic, not over worked.
The exclusivity factor plays a part to be sure,
but there’s also the sentiment enveloping uniqueness:
‘if it were to break, I simply couldn’t replace it.’

Maybe that’s what I’m drawn to limited runs – knowing that if the object was to break, it couldn’t be replaced. If you could simply pull out a spare – an exact identical – sure, that’s convenient, but feels somewhat hollow to me.